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Konstech is an IT innovation company focusing on Software Development services. There are multiple dimensions and service types that we offer. Starting with project/product development with an in-house team of engineers working on-site and remotely from Asian countries, especially Pakistan. Other than that we do resource leasing on short-term & long-term, part-time as well as full-time bases for other companies on contractual grounds where we assign our engineer(s) to the other teams or projects. Additionally, intend to collaborate with startups to be their Software partner throughout the journey. We also focus on finding process automation opportunities for small to medium size business to decrease their delivery time, friction and budget and increase growth and revenue.

We can be helpful to you if you are
– New or ongoing businesses that need mobile or web-based software or sites to generate or increase customer turnout or provide ease of services for their customers or users
– IT startup or small company that needs help with software infrastructure and/or looking for a development partnership
– Company/business that might need process automation with software to reduce business friction and increase efficiency and productivity
– Bussines or technology company who has hiring challenges and a shortage of technical resources

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Abdul Azeem

+49 174 7082325

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